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Sonka sk – x60 made in USA αναλυτής σώματος


Excellent Design with Comfortable Price in SK-X60 We Know the Inbody 770 or 570 model is also for human body segmental analyzer machine, SONKA SK-X60 this type is an alternative for your looking for whatever for the price, functions and design and company after-service scale

Adjunct Tool in Diabetes Program In less than 45 Seconds, the SK-X60 test provides a comprehensive report to help the specializer: –>Measring of muscle, fat and visceral fat to assess disease risk and obesity. –>To improve glycemic control and prevent worsening of complications related to diabetes Confidence in 8-Point Tactile Electrode Results –>Monitor fluid accumulation in each body segment –>Advanced Analysis to evaluate overall health and wellness Draw more insights from Visceral Fat Level and Segmental Fat Analysis, track progress, validate programs, and deliver actionable advice backed by trustworthy data The Main Functions: No-contact body temperature test Safe Body composition analysis Height weight BMI scale
SONKA Medical  Body Composition Analyzer
Biochemical Analysis System
Brand Name
Model Number
Body Temperature with no-contact
Maximum permissible error ≤±0.3
Instrument classification
Class II
Body Weight Measurement Systems
Resistive strain gauge
Body mass index (BMI)
Automatically and intelligently calculates body mass index
Body Weight Range
5.5 to 200kg
Health Center/hospital/gym fitness/trainers/doctors
Power Supply
220 AC (50Hz/60Hz)
Body Composition Measurement site
Right hand,left hand,torso,right leg,left leg
Height weight bmi body composition analysis and body temperature
Data output interface
LAN network,WIFI
Whole machine size
Body Temperature distance
(5 to 8) cm
Body composition
Multifrequency bioresistance resistance method
A4 Color Paper Printer&Thermal
Upgrade! In Body 370 Fat Bio Health Analysis Body Composition Rotation Scanner And Analyzer

Height Weights And Gym Machines Bioscanner Body Composition Full Bodi Analyz
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